"I vow tell my stories, as if it’s the first time, everytime.  To speak my truth and lead by example. I aim to be authentic and vulnerable by singing my songs unveiled.  I am you and you are me, now let’s just be."

Chonna Cristelle is from “a little bit of everywhere”, Texas.  She had visions of becoming a singing princess that she would never share, and slowly became too shy to use her own voice. Chonna’s life had a lot of moving parts, and took even more wrong turns. It was the only life she knew; she thought it was perfect.

A tattered diary offered stability to listen to her thoughts.  Poetry enabled her to hide emotions so well from others, that she inadvertently hid them from herself.  Tumultuous life experiences are what shaped Chonna into the woman she is now.  

It is with her music that she hopes to help others express and share their inner darkness, instead of hushing what society doesn’t easily hear. Mental health is something that needs to be shared, not simply medicated.  Chonna brings light to these experiences on her debut single, inkBLOT. 

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